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DIY Ways to Set Up a Car Phone Stand

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DIY Ways to Set Up a Phone Car Stand

If you’re like most people, you probably use your phone in the car for navigation, music, and hands-free calling. But constantly holding your phone while driving can be dangerous. The good news is that there are plenty of DIY ways to set up a phone car stand so you can keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road.

Why Mount Your Phone in Your Car?

You might wish to mount your phone in your automobile for a few different reasons. First, it might make it simpler to use hands-free calling or GPS navigation. Second, it can aid in preventing phone distractions while driving. Thirdly, it can prevent your phone from rattling around and breaking while you’re driving.

There are a few different options if you want to mount your phone in your automobile. You may either purchase a car mount that connects to your dashboard or windshield, or you can make your phone stand out of binder clips or elastic bands.

Whatever method you select, make sure to carefully follow all directions and always keep safety in mind. The most crucial thing is to mount your phone such that it doesn’t hinder your vision or distract you from driving.

Binder Clip

DIY Ways to Set Up a Phone Car Stand

Binder clips are an excellent resource that most people have laying around the house. Simply pop the binder clip open and attach it to the air vent of your automobile to get started. Simply attach your phone to the holder at that point to finish. The nicest feature of this homemade phone holder for your car is that it is flexible.

Allowing you to place your phone wherever you choose. If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to set up a car phone holder, this is the perfect solution. It’s also great if you want a holder that you can take with you and use in other cars as well.


Elastic Band

DIY Ways to Set Up a Phone Car Stand

You can make a DIY phone mount for your car using just a few common household items. All you need is an elastic band and a paper clip. Simply clip the paperclip onto the elastic band, and then stretch the band around the edges of your phone. The paperclip will act as a stand, holding your phone in place so you can use it hands-free while driving.

It takes only a few minutes and no additional equipment to set up a phone car station in this manner. It’s also a perfect option if you need a temporary mount or doesn’t want to use suction cups or adhesive mounts on your automobile for fear of damaging it.


Car Phone Stand with String

DIY Ways to Set Up a Phone Car Stand

This do-it-yourself approach is for you if you’re seeking a quick and inexpensive solution to erect a phone car stand. Two paper clips and some twines are all that are required.

Make a loop out of the string by wrapping it around one of the paper clips first. Make careful to allow extra slack as you thread the other end of the string through the loop. Squeeze the paperclip between your thumb and first two fingers while still holding the string loop around it.

Take the second paperclip you have and bend it into a “U” shape. Your phone will be supported by this portion of the stand. To ensure that your phone is firmly in place, slide the U-shaped paperclip over the initial paperclip and string assembly. Make any necessary adjustments.

There you have it. A cheap and easy DIY phone car stand that you can make in just a few minutes.


Command Strips

DIY Ways to Set Up a Phone Car Stand

Look no further than Command strips if you want to keep your iPad secure and accessible while you’re driving! Your tablet can be mounted to the console or dash of your car with just a few easy steps, making it the ideal car phone stand.

You can also take your tablet with you when you get out of the car thanks to the damage-free removal of the Command strips. This is how you do it:

1. Clean the spot where you’ll mount your tablet first. This will improve the command strips’ ability to stick.

2. Next, measure and cut two Command strip strips to the proper length. After that, place one strip on each side of your tablet after removing the adhesive backing.

3. When the strips are in position, firmly push your tablet on the console or dash of your automobile. To make sure it is stable, hold it there for a short while.

4. And that’s it! Now you’ve got a safe and convenient way to use your tablet while you’re driving. No more fumbling around with a loose device.


Make a DIY Smartphone Mount for Your Car with a Selfie Stick

A DIY smartphone mount is a terrific option if you’re searching for a way to keep your smartphone visible and within reach while you’re driving. Even better, you can create one on your own using a selfie stick!

Selfie sticks are those handy little devices that allow you to take photos of yourself or group shots without having to ask someone else to take the picture. They typically have a built-in shutter button and extendable arm, making them perfect for getting your phone into position for a hands-free photo or video.

To turn a selfie, stick into a car mount, simply remove the plastic phone holder from the end of the selfie stick. Then, use some strong tape or Velcro to attach the phone holder to the dashboard or center console of your car. Make sure the adhesive is secure and that the phone holder is positioned in a way that won’t obstruct your view while driving.

Now all you have to do is place your smartphone in the holder and extend the selfie stick arm so that it’s at a comfortable viewing angle. You can even use the built-in shutter button on the selfie stick to take pictures or videos while you’re on the go!

Mount Your Phone using CD Player

DIY Ways to Set Up a Phone Car Stand

You may mount your phone or tablet using the CD player in your automobile. A CD case and a couple of pieces of velcro are all you need. Make a hole in the CD case large enough for the charging cord of your device to pass through, and then line the interior of the case with velcro. Your phone or tablet should be attached to the rear with the other side of the velcro before being inserted inside the cover and secured.

Your smartphone will be held in place by the velcro, and the charging wire may be fed through the case’s hole to prevent tangling.

Magnetic DIY Phone Holder for Your Car

You need to go no further than this magnetic DIY phone holder if you’re searching for a cheap and simple way to set up a phone car stand. While you are driving, your phone will remain safely in this holder, which is simple to set up and take down. All you need is some duct tape, some powerful magnets, and some thin cardboard.

Start by cutting a rectangle from the cardboard to use as the holder’s base. The magnet should then be taped to one end of the rectangle after being wrapped in duct tape. The other end of the rectangle should then be taped to the back of your phone. I’m done now! Since your phone will now be easily accessible, you may now attach the holder to any metal surface in your car.

Tips and Tricks 

If you’re anything like me, your car is an extension of your home. You eat in it, sleep in it, and sometimes even work in it. So it’s no surprise that we all want our cars to be as comfortable and convenient as possible.

One way to make your car more comfortable and convenient is to set up a phone car stand. This way, you can use your phone hands-free while you’re driving, making it safer and easier to stay connected. There are a few different ways that you can set up a phone car stand.

You can buy a pre-made stand, or you can DIY it with some simple materials. Either way, I’ve got you covered with some tips and tricks for the perfect phone car stand. If you’re looking for a quick and easy solution, buying a pre-made stand is the way to go.

You can find stands that mount to your dashboard or vents, so there’s no need for any sticky adhesives or permanent mounting solutions. Just pop it in and you’re good to go.


There are plenty of ways to set up a phone car stand, but these DIY options are some of the most budget-friendly and easy-to-do. With a little creativity, you can have a phone car stand that works just as well as any store-bought option if not better.

So, what are you waiting for? Get creative and start setting up your phone car stand today.

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DIY Ways to Set Up a Phone Car Stand

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