NX16 Bluetooth 5.3 Car Adapter




  • 54W High Power Fast Charging, 4-Port Synchronous Charging: The NX16 Bluetooth car adapter integrates PD36W and QC18W, offering a high-speed and efficient charging solution. Its innovative four-port design supports parallel charging of multiple devices, effortlessly overcoming battery anxiety and enhancing charging efficiency.
  • Technological Leadership, Revolutionary Bluetooth 5.3: The NX16 fm transmitter Bluetooth uses the latest Bluetooth 5.3 technology, significantly improving connection speed and data transmission efficiency. Enhanced sound quality ensures rapid and stable connections, providing a clearer, smoother experience for both calls and music playback.
  • Stunning Bass, Colorful Lighting Effects: One-touch activation of stunning bass effects reproduces the true texture of music, offering an unparalleled musical experience. The five-color lighting design provides accurate perception at night, ensuring easy and safe operation, making nighttime driving more relaxed.
  • Voice Commands and Precise Touch Control: Our Bluetooth transmitter supports advanced voice commands for truly hands-free driving. Its unique raised button design provides precise, sightless control, ensuring safety and convenience while driving.
  • Comprehensive Safety Assurance and Wide Compatibility: Bluetooth adapter for car provides all-around safety protection, including over-current, over-voltage, overheating, and short-circuit protection, ensuring the safety of you and your devices. Its wide compatibility supports 12V to 24V vehicle voltages, suitable for most cars. Nulaxy continues to innovate, offering industry-leading car Bluetooth adapter that ensure safety and compatibility.


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